About Us

At Blue Owl Preserves, we have a passion for jam that actually tastes like fruit! Our jams celebrate the flavor and sweetness of real fruit, especially local Colorado favorites, like peaches, rhubarb and apples. We always use organic fruit and prioritize sourcing from local farms so that we can share each season's delicious harvest with you and your family.

spoonful of blueberry rhubarb jam on tableOur jams stand out from the crowd because there is less sugar and more fruit in each jar. Some other jams have as much as 13 grams of sugar per serving, in part because sugar is an inexpensive ingredient. But this means you end up buying a jar of sugar with a little fruit flavoring. At Blue Owl Preserves, we think you deserve a jam where fruit, not sugar, is the star! We're committed to bringing you spoonfuls of delicious, naturally sweet jam that you can feel good about enjoying and sharing with your family.

Founder and owner, Katie Cezo, began making jam while in college so that she could preserve locally grown fruits for enjoyment throughout the year. After many years of sharing her creations with friends and family, she decided it was time to share her passion with the rest of her community. In 2015, Katie launwoman standing in snow with sandwich in handched what is now Blue Owl Preserves, starting out at the Colorado Farm and Art Market in Colorado Springs. Today, Blue Owl Preserves is available in stores from Colorado Springs to Denver to Fort Collins. Katie's passion for healthy living, good food and exploring our natural world is evident in all she does. When she's not making jam, Katie is teaching Environmental Science at Pikes Peak Community College, training for her next Ironman triathlon or adventuring around Colorado with her husband, Jim, and dog, Kaya